Thematic session on GC and GC-MS with helium shortage


In recent months there have been difficulties in the supply of helium for chromatographic applications. Sometimes supplies have been delayed and there have been price fluctuations.

In this 2023 edition of the Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Society of Chromatography and Related Techniques, we want to anticipate the possible difficulties that may arise regarding the availability of this chromatographic gas, which is essential for the efficient operation of capillary columns in gas chromatography. A round table has been organised for this purpose.

The problem will be approached from two points of view:

-the current status of the commercialisation of this gas

-the technical implementations being developed for the substitution of helium by hydrogen.

Air Liquide and Carburos Metálicos are two companies that will update us on the current availability of this gas.

Agilent and LECO are two analytical instrumentation companies that have already produced or are in the process of producing GC and GC-MS equipment for hydrogen-only operation.

The panel discussion will be open to questions from the audience.